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Welcome to Debt Records

DEBT Records is a label born out of troubled times, a label nurse-fed on the understanding that current music industry practices are failing both artists and listeners. DEBT IS A LABEL THAT DOES NOT BELONG TO THAT INDUSTRY

Red Tides

This band of gifted misfits have been prowling round Manchester's folk venues for the past four years, biding their time, refusing to rush the process or compromise the sound.

This patience paid off and in 2009 they supported legendary guitarist Chad VanGaalen, were offered their first Manchester Academy slot (playing alongside Devandra Banhart's collaborators Vetiver) and played a breathtaking show at the prestigious Dancehouse Theatre.

Red Tides

Their debut EP "Wild Hour" will be released thru Debt Records on 6th September and a follow-up is already underway.

The band consists of:

  • Molly Macleod
  • Sam Alder
  • Matthew Cleghorn
  • Phil Howley
  • Ben Hayward
  • Kate Royle

Below is a intimate acoustic video of Red Tides filmed by the Manchester Scenewipe Team

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